About us

Our Mission

Cappco offers a complete line of safety, tooling, sanitary, industrial equipment and supplies for the construction industry to be your ultimate one stop shop.


Cappco continuously prioritizes pricing and service working closely with their suppliers to satisfy the end users.

Our story

Cappco is a family enterprise founded in 1989, where operations began in the basement of the owner, Dean Cappelletti, in Laval. Over the years Cappco established their reputation within the industry leading them to be the proud distributor of the most renowned brands on the market. Cappco is solely driven by the passion and commitment to fulfill their client’s needs, which has earned us the confidence of our clients to rely on us for all their projects. Cappco’s growth is what brought its operations to the industrial sector of St-Eustache, we are now well situated on the service road of the highway 640 west.

What makes Cappco unique

  • Being family based, we emphasize on an exceptional and personalized service.
  • We take pride in identifying and researching our client’s product demands with the goal of helping them with all the information we could gather.
  • To offer the best delays we have two drivers available for deliveries and we also work closely with different carriers for any special delivery requests.
  • We are adamant to fulfill any special demands from the client.
  • We offer the best pricing possible, often matching prices on the market.
  • Our relationships with our suppliers allows us to negotiate pricing and offer an after sales service.
  • We work closely with our suppliers for bulk buying giving us the ability to sell at the lowest price point to our clients.
  • Our product line is continuously growing, currently having a full selection of quality products of reliable brands.
  • We take the time to get to know our client to get a better understanding on how we can be effective for them.
  • To increase productivity, we frequently replenish stock.
  • We always offer different options to the client with the benefit of bringing them economies in the long run, as well as working with their budget and resources.
  • Our small team consists of long term employees that work closely together with constant communication with the purpose of getting the order to the end user efficiently and to their standards.
  • Product knowledge is one of our strengths, we often do lunch and learns to expand our knowledge on the products available to our client.
  • We offer our clients the opportunity of meeting with our supplier representatives either on the jobsite or the office to specify their needs and work out special volume programs.

In 2006, we expanded our showroom to 2000 sq. ft. to showcase our most popular product assortment to the public. Our qualified representatives will gladly assist you in identifying the right products and equipment to simplify your projects.

Cappco launched its first open house event in 2006, where suppliers gather to showcase their products, and everything in store is on promotion. Our annual open house has grown to be one of our most popular events and we look forward every year to serve the clients and hear their feedback on our outstanding promotions.

Cappco's achievements

Cappco is a proud member of the Indica Marketing Group for the industrial sector. Every year we attend their sell-a-rama show where we are introduced to new suppliers and obtain extra rebates.

In 2012 Cappco won the award for Buying Department of the year

In 2016 Cappco won the award for Buying Department of the year

Our Core Values


Our first priority is answering our customers’ expectations and needs.


Attentive, respect and support. We are always available to help you with a warm and pleasant attitude, without pressure.


The constant communication within all our departments is what makes us efficient.


Our dynamic team is always ready to help you! Our employees make it their goal to be personally responsible for better results.


Learning and training seminars happen throughout the year to keep our team knowledgeable on all products, to better identify our clients needs and to provide information on the desired product.